Saturday, August 18th, 2018 – Our first roadtrip out to Psycho Silo Saloon started a little rocky.  The band piled into Kris’s Explorer Saturday morning, only to experience an uneven load in the trailer once we were on the road.  We maybe made it 5 minutes out of town, until we forced to stop at a local gas station to rearrange the trailer’s weight.  Only thing was in our haste to leave, Carter forgot the trailer padlock keys!  We were running late as it was, couldn’t really travel safely, and couldn’t get into the trailer.   That was until fellow customer at the gas station noticed out plight and offered us his bolt cutters as a solution.  Bam! Off the lock went, rearranged the load and we were back on the road heading west.  

Psycho Silo Saloon is an outdoor destination for motorcyclists.  Built out of an old rundown silo, a large number of patio decks cover nearly acre of real-estate.  Rolling in the dusty lot and parking the trailer next to a huge line of bikes, the bar at the end of Robert Rodriguez’s vampire flick, “From Dusk Till Dawn” came to mind.  All that was missing was some blowtorch fireballs.

With multiple elevation patio decks that were built around lawn art and patio furniture, there was something to look at every turn.  Once we got rockin, the crowd was fantastic!  A mixture of travelers from Quad City/Davenport, Peoria and Chicagoland were definitely digging C.K.’s sound.  Even the newer stuff in the band’s repertoire, like Rihanna’s  “We Found Love” and Pharrell Williams’s “Happy” went over well with some of the veteran bikers in the crowd.  We had plenty blues, country and face melting classic rock guitar to get pretty much everyone’s toe’s tappin’.  We had a first ever line dance started during Steve Earl’s Copperhead Road, so there’s that.